Building Analysis – Fashion House, April 2015

We’re big fans of Fashion House Condos in King West. So much so that we’re continually tracking the resale values of this coveted building. Further to previous posts about the values and ranges, we’ve determined the following statics and presented them in Price Per Square Foot (PPSF) analysis format below. If you’re not sure what we mean by PPSF, you can check out our video here.

In the past 90 days Fashion House Condo sales have ranged from $540 – $705 PSF. The average price of condos was $618 PSF but keep in mind that this factors in condos that included and excluded parking and/or lockers. Additionally, the value of units in this building can fluctuate drastically based on their orientation. Units that are south facing in the ‘King’ building that face into the heritage portion of this project have limited views and have traded for lower PPSF’s. Units on the east and higher floors facing north in the ‘King’ building often trade for a premium because of their unobstructed views. Similarly, units in the ‘Adelaide’ portion of the building that are west facing on higher floors and north facing over the park trade for higher PPSF’s.

With the Spring upon us (sort of, the freezing rain is falling as I type this blog entry) and the prospect of patios and sunshine, we believe the value of this building will hold steady and increase with market trends over the coming years.


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